Gromatici specializes in providing quick and accurate Elevation Certificates and LOMA's.  First you need to have an Elevation Certificate (or Flood Certificate) performed to see if your Lowest Adjacent Grade (LAG) is above or below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).  If the LAG is above the BFE then you can qualify for a LOMA or a Letter of Map Amendment. 


LOMA's can be provided at an additional cost or you can do them yourself using the Elevation Form and attaching our Elevation Certificate.


We would love to hear from you and offer you a free cost proposal.


Research for FEMA:

Gromatici has performed Elevaiton Certificates in the following areas:




Santa Barbara




Newbury Park


Los Alamos


Carpinteria Land Survey

Gromatici Land Surveying, Inc. recently completed an Elevation Certificate in Carpinteria (Fernald Point Lane) where the client was well above the wave action (Zone VE) and can apply for a LOMA.  This will likely dramatically reduce the flood insurance rate they need to pay.


Santa Ynez Elevaiton Certificates

Gromatici has completed two separate Elevation Certificates in Santa Ynez where both residents were above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) and should see a reduction in their premiums.  Santa Ynez is a very beautiful place to work!


Ojai Land Surveyor - Elevation Certificate

Eric used to live in Ojai and was please to work here on an elevation certificate out on the east end.  Using GPS and a robotic total station he was able to get the land owners insurance premiums reduced using an Elevation Certificate.  Although we can't produce positive results every time the FEMA flood insurance rate maps are based on "general" flood control mapping and are only accurate within 2.5' in most cases.